Mr.P.S.Cumarasamy who succeeded Mr. Kanthaswami in June 1971 as a principal K.H.C served a brief period of twelve months and moved over to Jaffna Hindu College as Principal in 1972 June. Mr.M.Mahadeva was the next Principal. He was a man of soil and was the first old student becomes Principal of Kokuvil Hindu College. Years ago, he started his teaching career in this school.

He belonged to the first batch of graduates of the Ceylon University (1945). He served in Jaffna Hindu College and Tellipalai Mahajana College and returned to Kokuvil Hindu College in 1972 June. He continued the building work left unfinished by Mr.Kanthaswami. In this, Mr.S.Muthukumarasmy, Secretary of the Parents’ Teachers Association and Mr.P.S.S.Ratnasabathy, Secretary of the Colombo O.S.A were of tremendous assistance to him in the collection of funds. In studies and sports, he maintained the tone of the College.

A board based School Development Society including well-wishers, student leaders, parents and teachers was formed to work for the well-being of the college, with the principal as its President. He retired in 1979.