Founder of Kokuvil Hindu College

Mr. E.Chelliah 1910-1926.

Mr. E.Chelliah an experienced and efficient teacher of sterling character from Kokuvil was the founder of Kokuvil Hindu College. He as its founder and its first head master, made the beginning of the school (small beginning lead to great ends) in October 1910 in a house at 3rd milepost, Kokuvil.Mr.Somaskander of innocent simplicity and Mr. N. Chellapah a Madras Matriculate assisted him in teaching and in growth of the school.Within a year’s time the infant school was housed in semi temporary shed on the outernorthern courtyard of the Puthukovil Temple.

As a result of pupils from neighboring villages seeking admission into different classes, the school developed into full-fledged primary school with the late Mr. E.Chelliah as its first head master and it was named Kokuvil Hindu English School.

The accommodation problem turning out to be acute, Mr.E.Chelliah acquired the present site on the south of Puthukovil on his own and saw to the putting up of a permanent hall where the school with
about a hundred pupils was shifted in 1916.At this stage Mr.E.Chelliah handed over the school to board of directors of the Jaffna Hindu College. A preparatory Tamil school was started in the same premises and it served its purpose well. Later on girl pupils too were admitted into the English school at the request of several parents who found it inconvenient and expensive to send their daughters to schools three or four miles off. Till today Kokuvil Hindu College is a mixed school. It is growing rapidly in all accepts.

The notable social event in the school was the celebration of silver jubilee in1937 which served as a suitable occasion for unveiling the portrait of the founder late Mr.E.Chelliah. The remembrance of such great man will never fade from the hearts of our Kokuvil Hindu College and neighborhood.