Late Mr. C. Gunapalasingam

We have lost yet another of our former esteemed teachers. Mr. C. Gunapalasingam passed away in Jaffna on the 31st January 2005. He had been on our tutorial staff from 1953 to 1971 and he belonged to that fine team of talented teachers, carefully recruited by the then Principal, Late Mr. Handy Perinpanayagam, to teach higher classes and prepare our students for the University Entrance Examination.

Guna, as he was affectionately called, was our first geography graduate. He had been a very keen student of geography right from his schools days – he excelled in it at Jaffna Hindu College and later at the University. His extensive knowledge of the subject, coupled with his teaching skill, enhanced through teacher- training and his gentle soft-spoken nature turned him out into an exceptionally good teacher. Our students benefited a great deal and are still grateful to him. The Ministry of Education too soon recognized his ability and elevated him to the position of Chief Examiner. Later he was rewarded with a special post which he was very much deserved.

Guna, identified himself with all the co-curricular and extra curricular activities of the College, mostly taking a prominent role. He worked long hours, took infinite pains and helped improved standards. He had been very systematic and methodical. The Principal, Late Mr. C. K. Kanthaswami, spotted his talents early on and entrusted him with responsible work in the office. Guna proved to be a very valuable asset in the College administration. Guna endeared himself to the Principal, teachers, students and everybody else in the College. All respected him – the respect often deepened into warm affection.

Guna was promoted as principal and moved out of Kokuvil in 1971. He served with distinction and was much honoured and respected. However, wherever he went, he never lost touch with us at Kokuvil. Along with his wife, Nithyaluxmy, herself an active old student, former teacher and daughter of our illustrious Principal, Mr. V. Nagalingam, he regularly attended all our College functions, kept abreast with developments there and used to refresh his memories of our College by communicating with his former colleagues and beloved old students.
Mrs. B. Kanthapillai
Former teacher of KHC