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S. Sukumar – speech at AGM 08


Kokuvil Hindu College OSA U. K

Full text of the Speech, by Mr Sukumar at the annual general meeting held on 05/10/2008.

Ladies and gentleman,

I was pleasantly surprised to be invited as the chief guest by our old students association. I am very honored to be here and to say a few words. Your invitation to this annual event makes me feel as though I have received an honorary degree! When I left college to come to the UK; The principle at that time gave me an excellent character certificate.

I joined Kokuvil Hindu College as a boy after passing the entrance examination and was very happy until I left college in 1974. Here in the UK I felt all alone and missed my college friends. I had to face the world; although I was a little afraid. I was able to get on with my studies and life successfully because of the values of our great school. I realize now that it was the education and discipline given to me by our teachers which helped me a lot. They weren’t just teachers but also ‘in loco parentis’, this Latin saying means equal to our parents, they were our guardians and watched over us as we continued with our education. Caring not just for book learning but also for character building.

I can truly say that my success in work and family life is entirely due to my years at our college. I was and still am very proud to have been educated at this great college. I loved my time there and there is no other college that I would have rather been, than at Kokuvil Hindu College.
It fills me with great pleasure to know that I will be associated as an old boy of this college for the rest of my life. The friends we make at school remain the best of friends, and in time I have seem them as more than this. I see them as brothers who are loyal, reliable and caring.

I was lucky to have been taught by very good teachers through out my school life. I am very grateful and give my thanks to these wonderful teachers for all my success. Now I shall tell you about my teachers who names do not get mentioned very often, these teachers exerted a great deal of influence when I was younger and still do in my present life.

Firstly I shall mention Sivasothy master who was a marvelous scientist. He made us understand the principles of electrical and electronic engineering. He taught us about resistors, diode, transducers and most importantly the use of a multimetre. The input of this information at a very early age continued to help me in my further education. It continually aides me in my day to day work, and has enhanced my understanding of modern motor vehicle technology.

Our art master the late Mr. Ambikaipakan, who taught us engineering drawing, was a brilliant teacher. The expert teaching and techniques provided by him were invaluable. He once told me as I was drawing ‘you should be able to visualize the end product’. These words inspired me, when I was planning my business. I tried to envisage what it would be like in 10 years and foresee the potential it had. I owe a great deal of my success to the late art master for his teachings but most importantly his words, and for that I will always be grateful.

Finally I would like to thank v. Subramanian master, who taught us geography. He taught us about the continents of the world, the countries, the people, their customs and their way of life. Now when I visit other countries around the world, I feel as if I have been their before thanks to V.S master. In a time were there was no internet access or television facilities, with just a white piece of chalk and a blackboard he gave us a clear picture of the world.

I like to thank all our teachers at K.H.C for providing us with such a high standards of education and discipline. I thank the K.H.C O.S.A whole heartedly for inviting me and my wife for this special occasion.

On a last note, I would like to express my gratitude towards my wife. Without her support and help I may not be standing here today and have the success that I am currently blessed with.

Ladies and gentleman, I thank you all very much for listening to me patiently and I hope you have a wonderful evening.

By, Sukumar

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